SURA Investment Management strengthens and complements its international operation, by facilitating access for international clients through our SICAV listed in Luxembourg

Global Fixed Income Dynamic USD 

General Information

The objective of the Sub-Fund AM SURA – Global Fixed Income Dynamic USD is to achieve capital appreciation on a medium and long-term basis through an active and diversified strategy based on investments related primarily to fixed income securities across the credit risk universe,  including but not limited to government bonds, corporate bonds, emerging debt, and high yield securities.

This Sub-Fund will invest most of its assets in fixed income securities, ETFs, and third-party mutual funds, which underlying assets have market risk primarily in global fixed income markets, with any credit rating or tenure constraints. The Sub-Fund is flexible to invest across credit risk spectrum including high yield bonds. The assets in which the Sub-Fund invests, could experience periods of high volatility due to the nature of political and economic environment of the countries in which the issuers have operations. The Sub-Fund will invest between 0% to 100% of its net assets in ETFs, between 0-100% of its net assets in third party mutual funds, and between 0% to 10% in direct fixed income securities. Through a combination of fundamental analysis, and top down research, the final composition of the Sub-Fund will seek a well-diversified portfolio using the eligible assets. As such, the Sub-Fund will qualify as a fund of funds.


The Sub-Fund is actively managed in reference to the Bloomberg Global Aggregate Corporate Index. The reason is to indicate that it is used for performance comparison purposes.