SURA Investment Management and Grupo Bancolombia, launch Fondo de Inversión Colectivo Inmobiliaria

SURA Investment Management and Grupo Bancolombia
  • The Alliance for Sustainable Pension started with the first 17 companies.
  • SURA Investment Management and Grupo Bancolombia, launched the Real Estate Investment Fund (FICI SURA AM Rentas Inmobiliarias).
  • This Real Estate Investment Fund has investment opportunities for COP 1.2 trillion.
  • The investments will be made in Cali, Bogotá, Barranquilla and Medellín, among others, in office, hotel, commerce and industry segments.
  • Its structuring results from an alliance of three entities with extensive experience in the market: SURA Investment Management, Valores Bancolombia and Fiduciaria Bancolombia.

Medellín, May 27, 2019. SURA Investment Management (business unit of SURA Asset Management specializing in the management of investment funds) under alliance with Valores Bancolombia, as a distributor, and Fiduciaria Bancolombia, as a managing company, launched the Collective Investment Fund in Real Estate (FICI). A fund of real estate fund that takes advantage of the attributes of this type of investment (lease and valuation), through the purchase of assets in Colombia, in the office, hotel, commercial and industrial segments.

The investments will be made in cities such as Bogotá, Cali, Barranquilla and Medellín, among others, whose common denominator is the urban transformation they have been developing through different projects with a high social impact. In fact, one of the most relevant attributes of the Fund is the diversification it generates by type of property and by city. Likewise, the investment strategy of FICI, focuses on assets with high occupancy (which allows the generation of cash via leases) and valuation potential as well as being a stable investment given the low volatility and the safeguard it offers against inflation.

In this regard, David Aguirre, Head of Investment in Alternative Assets of SURA Investment Management, commented: "From SURA Investment Management and with our real estate team, in addition to our partners Valores Bancolombia and Fiduciaria Bancolombia, we have been working to find the best investment opportunities in real estate assets in Colombia and in the region. In Colombia, specifically, we see a market with great challenges and opportunities, which allows us to offer all our kwow-how to build alternatives and contribute to the development of the country in this matter."

The target return of the FICI is of CPI + 5.5%, that is, 5.5% above inflation, which positions it as one of the options with the greatest profitability in this type of assets. The Fund is designed to be an option that can be accessed by the general public as well as by large investors given the minimum amount of investment is COP $20 million. Likewise, this real estate investment offers regular leases and valuation same as that wich would be offered by directly purchasing and leasing.

"The FICI is the materialization of the best real estate practices gathered to structure a fund tailored to the needs of a client: aligning incentives, providing transparency with clear liquidity windows, offering a product in Colombia supported by a regional expert," says Juan Felipe Giraldo, President of Valores Bancolombia.

This fund has the widespread experience of SURA Investment Management through its  alternative asset management team and, particularly, their knowledge in real estate, which is present in México, Perú, Colombia, Chile and Uruguay through a regional platform, with AUM amounting to around USD 800 million in 10 active funds. This capacity is added allies like Valores Bancolombia, the leading broker of the Colombian market that will have in charge of the distribution, and Fiduciaria Bancolombia that will be the managing company.

About SURA Investment Management

SURA Investment Management is the SURA Asset Management Unit committed to the management of assets and investments for the institutional segment. Our knowledge and widespread presence in several Latin American countries, set up in a regional platform, makes us an optimal investment vehicle that connects the region with global markets.