Key factors

A unique value proposition, thanks to the competitive advantages of our experience and regional capacity. 

América Latina

 Our knowledge and extended presence in Latin America makes us an excellent investment platform that connects the region with global markets.      

altos estándares

 We are recognized in the market for our high standards in corporate governance and risk management, ensuring autonomy and consistency in investment decisions.   

Tenemos 231 Colaboradores

Our Talent Management, integrated by more than 200 high level professionals, stands out for its knowledge and expertise in investment management and portfolio management. 

Poseemos para el 4 trimestre

We have the support and experience of SURA Asset Management, which manages assets of USD 140.3 billion, managed independently and autonomously by its different business units. 

Contamos con Aladdin by BlackRock

We have high technological standards that provide us with the capacities for complying with legal requirements regarding investment parameters. An example of this is Aladdin, a world class platform, leader in management and administration of investment portfolios. 

Proceso proceso de inversión basado en disciplinas

A broad track record in the Pacific Alliance Region consolidates us as a reference in the region focused on institutional investors.

Contamos con distribución propia

 We have our own distribution for institutional clients on a global level. 

Somos una marca con cultura y con  experiencia en inversión

SURA’s reputation, as a brand is based on a corporate culture committed to ethical and sustainable business management. 


At SURA IM we manage an AUM of USD 10,4 bn, distributed in more than 500 funds and mandates, with both Bottom-up and Top-down investment focuses.

Our management model

  • Multi-geography    
  • Muti-vehicles
  •  Multi-strategy 

*/Luxemburg in process 

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Fiduciaria SURA

Conoce Fiduciaria SURA

Fiduciaria SURA

Ampliamos nuestro portafolio en Colombia para ofrecerte nuevas alternativas de inversión con carteras colectivas altamente competitivas en plazo y rentabilidad.

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Conoce nuestro 
Vehículo de inversión en Europa

Fortalecemos y complementamos nuestra presencia internacional a través de un vehículo de inversión en Europa que potencia la conexión de Latinoamérica con el mundo

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Our products

We have a comprehensive range of products that allows us to accompany our clients to deliver solutions tailored to their needs

Traditional Assets

Traditional Assets

Fixed income, equity and multi-assets.

Alternative Assets

Alternative Assets

Real estate, Infrastructure and Private Debt



  • Insurance companies
  • Pension Plans (AFPs, AFAPs and AFORES)
  • Family Offices

Wealth Managers

  •  SURA Investments
  • Other Wealth Managers


  • Private Pension Plans
  • Private Savings Plans


Morningstar: Best GFA


Morningstar: Best Equity Manager


Morningstar: Best Fixed Income Manager


Morningstar: Best International Equity Fund: Global Selection


Morningstar: Best Mutual Fund for Local Fixed Income: Long Term Corporate Income


Morningstar: Best Fixed Income Manager


Global Banking and Finance Review: Best asset management company




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